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DTF printing vs Sublimation printing

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In our daily life, we often see some clothes or bags with very interesting patterns.Do you know how these patterns are printed? In fact, most of these are achieved through DTF printing and sublimation printing.DTF printing and sublimation printing are also the two most popular printing methods. Therefore, many people are curious about the difference between DTF printing and sublimation printing. Today, Sublicool will tell you the difference between DTF printing and sublimation printing.

1.The transfer process

Although the two printing methods are both heat transfer printing, they are not exactly the same, especially the way to transfer the printed pattern to the product. DTF printing is to pre print the pattern on the surface of the film, and then transfer the beautiful pattern on the transfer film to the product surface. After forming, the ink layer is integrated with the product surface. Sublimation printing is to sublimate the solid ink directly from solid to gas with a sublimation printer, print the image on the transfer paper, and then transfer it to the fabric

2.The printing materials

Sublimation is very suitable for printing white clothes and polyester fabrics. In addition, sublimation can also be used to print synthetic fibers such as plastics, nylon and ceramics. However, sublimation cannot be used for black fabrics or cotton materials.

On the other hand, DTF printing can also be used to print synthetic fibers. However, DTF has one more choice than sublimation printing. It can also easily print cotton and black fabrics. DTF printing process has no restrictions on color and fabric material.

3.The printing color

DTF printing is applicable to light and dark materials, and DTF printer can print white ink. However, sublimation printing is only suitable for printing light colors, not white.

4.The touch feeling of printing

In the process of DTF printing, because there is hot melt adhesive on the back of the transfer film, the hand feeling printed on the fabric is very smooth, as if something is tightly attached to the fabric. The sublimation printing is to infiltrate the ink into the fabric, so it feels very soft and soft.

These are some of the main differences between DTF printing and sublimation printing. Sublicool provides all the machines and consumables required for DTF printing and sublimation printing, and provides a complete after-sales guarantee. Welcome to inquire or purchase.

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