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DTF printers are flourishing in the garment printing industry

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Clothing printing was not popular before,but it has become popular all over the world in the past two years.The main reason for this is the emergence of digital printing technology. When it comes to digital printing, DTF and DTG are the two most popular processes.These two processes are the most common in the garment printing industry. At the same time, it is also the basic necessary printing equipment for printing manufacturers.

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But comparing the two,DTF printing is obviously more popular. Because DTG has greater restrictions on cloth.Basically,it can only be used in pure cotton fabrics or fabrics with more cotton content.It will be less effective in other fabrics.However, the DTF printing process does not pick fabrics and can be used on any fabric. Cotton, polyester, oxford, and even treated leather are all available. The range of use is very wide, so it has more uses and is more popular in manufacturers.

DTF clothes printers are small,fast,easy to use,cheap and so on.Now it is popular in clothing printing customization, especially the current e-commerce platform.Many online store merchants purchase a DTF printer, and then provide customers with processing and customization services.Do it yourself, sell it yourself, this is how many early-stage businesses start. In addition, DTF is also suitable for merchants who provide large-scale printing services.

DTF printer is a general printing equipment in the garment printing industry. Whether it is a small order or a customized sample, it is needed. DTF printing pattern can modify the color size at will on the computer side. This eliminates the step of making traditional prints such as screen printing. It not only greatly saves the cost, but also caters to the current consumers' pursuit of personalization.

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