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DTF Printing -- The Future of Textile Printing

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In recent years, with the continuous development of the economy and the continuous rise of the population, people's demand for clothing has continued to grow, and the requirements have become higher and higher. The textile printing industry has maintained vigorous development, which has also greatly promoted the demand for textile printing technology. At present, the market share of textile printing is mainly occupied by screen printing, sublimation printing, DTG printing and DTF printing. So what is the trend of the global printing textile industry in the future? The answer is undoubtedly the most popular DTF printing at the moment.

1.Suitable for individuals or small and medium-sized enterprises

DTF printers are more cost-effective for startups and small businesses. And it is still possible to improve its production capacity to mass production level by combining DTF printer with powder shaker. By selecting different printer combinations, you can not only optimize the printing process as much as possible, but also improve the printing efficiency of batch orders.

2.Help you build a Brand

More and more individual sellers regard DTF printing as their business growth point, because DTF printing is convenient and simple to operate, and the printing effect is satisfactory, and the time required to complete the whole process is shorter. In addition, there were also sellers who shared on Youtube how they built their own clothing brands step by step through DTF printing. Indeed, DTF printing is particularly suitable for small businesses to build their own brands. It can provide you with a wider range of flexible choices, regardless of clothing material color, ink color, and inventory management.

3.Significant advantages over other printing methods

As shown in the figure above, DTF printing has significant advantages. The advantages of no pretreatment, faster printing process, flexible inventory, more choice of fabrics available for printing and excellent printing quality are enough to show its advantages over other methods

4.How do I select a DTF printer?

As for how to select a suitable DTF printer, you need to consider your budget, application scenarios, print quality and performance requirements before making a decision. In Sublicool, you can find all DTF clothing printers suitable for your business.

In the past, due to the limitations of technology and a large population, the traditional screen printing market has experienced a certain period of glory. However, with the application of digital printing in the industry, traditional screen printing is facing fierce competition. The explosive growth of digital printing is attributed to its ability to solve the inevitable technical limitations in traditional printing applications and its use in small batch production of various customized designs Therefore, it can ensure production time to keep up with fashion trends, and reduce transportation costs and excessive waste in the design process through fast printing. It is no exaggeration to say that DTF printing is the future of textile printing.

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