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Cost factors to be considered in DTF printing

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Screen printing and digital printing are still the core of the garment printing industry.However,since the introduction of DTF printer,it has begun to change the situation.Most importantly,some people believe that digital printing is nearing the end.They believe that DTF printing will change the overall appearance of garment printing.At present, DTF printing may indeed change the rules of the game in the future. The following are the cost issues of digital textile DTF printer that need attention.

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Sales time - looking for customers is also a labor cost.This may vary depending on whether you search through social software or call directly.

Accounting time – The time you use to settle business accounts. Whether generating quotation or sales order. Or contact the supplier or negotiate with the customer.

Shipping and Processing – How will your order be delivered to the customer? What factors should be considered when preparing to send an order?

Maintenance – How often should you clean the printer? Do you need to clean the machine every day. Or only clean it when it has not been used for a period of time?

Finally,you must be realistic in estimating labor costs.Especially if you have a team to help you run the company and print clothes.When everyone is working hard, you need to consider their salaries, utilities and other indirect costs.

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