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Choose A DTG Printer For Polyester Shirts

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Originally, cotton fabrics were used for any kind of printing on T-shirts. However, DTG printing on polyester T-shirts is unheard of. You'll understand this better if you dig deeper.

Cotton is a natural fiber that is more durable than polyester. Cotton fibers can show the color of dyes embedded in the fabric. Natural fabrics also have a tighter weave, which helps improve dye absorption.

In contrast, polyester fabrics have a looser weave. This allows the ink or dye pigment to adhere to the top of the fabric. While preventing as much dye from seeping into the fabric.

You can truly achieve DTG printing on polyester t-shirts. Although many printers recommend that you use 100% cotton or cotton blends for DTG. For DTG, they'd rather you wear a white polyester tee. For example, polyester shirts are not as textured as cotton shirts. Therefore, the printed surface is smoother.

This can only be done if you pre-treat the t-shirt with polyester and give it enough time to cure before printing. If colored polyester garments dry at typical DTG temperature settings. Dye migration may occur where polyester dye seeps into the fabric. For example, if you use white ink on a red t-shirt, the pattern will appear pink.

Better to do further research before throwing money at DTG prints on polyester shirts. Due to the features of DTG printer and it is more affordable than screen printing. So DTG has become more and more popular recently and gained a bigger share in the printing market.

When starting a small business, investing in screens, inks, and other printing supplies can be expensive. Screen printing takes more time overall so you have to take that into account.

For polyester shirts, you should look for a DTG printer. Because it has excellent quality and is soft to the touch. Besides, cheap printing price and high output speed also make it unique.

With a DTG printer for polyester shirts, you can increase productivity and efficiency while reducing labor costs. This will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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