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SUBLICOOL Premium DTF Pigment Inks for DTF Printing
Sublicool manufactures premium quality pigment inks for DTF printing.Sublicool DTF inks showcase Vibrant Color characteristics, Excellent Wash Fastness & Minimal Hand Feel along with exceptionally reliable performance with print heads.

Sublicool DTF inks are developed using highly chromatic quality pigments with high binder chemistry which enhance the performance of the inks. These inks work with a wide range of fabrics including Cotton, Viscose, Polyester-Cotton Blends & Other Natural Fibers such as Silk, Jute, and Hemp etc.

Along with DTF pigment ink, Sublicool also offers auxiliaries associated with DTF printing machine processes such as the DTF transfer film or PET film and the hot-melt powder. High binding characteristics of the powder and smooth peeling of the film on all fabrics permit an efficient execution of the DTF printing process.
Model:DTF INK E201