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Large Format Automatic Double-station Heat Transfer Press Machine

Sublicool double-station hydraulic pressure heat transfer press machine uses hydraulic pressure devices, no external air press. It is more stable, especially suitable for large-scale fabrics, large-scale billboards, and pieces to pieces printing, and ceramics, glass, metal sheets, decorative building materials and other technology printing.

1.Digital Temperature Control
2.Wide Material Usage

DTF Comprehensive Solution
Model: Flat Heat Press Machine XYT-05
Product Description


Advantage of Sublicool Flated Heat Transfer Press Machine

Double-station Hydraulic Pressure Heat Press Machine is used to take a pull-out double stations cycle design, it is convenient and save effort with a beautiful appearance.

打勾 Multi functions

Equipment printable, hot drawing,thermal transfer printing,compact fracture, seamless bond, peeled etc.  Suitable for clothing,cloth,PVC,EVA,PTU,glass,aluminum plate,etc.

打勾 Work efficency

Digital microprocessor controller precise control temperature and time,when process completion it will have a signal indication. Can be freely converted in manual and automatic operation.The Work efficiency is high.

打勾 Stable performance

The heating plate and the base workbench are both cast aluminum parts to ensure uniform and stable hot stamping pressure and temperature.

打勾 Easy to operate

The workbench frame uses a pull-out design, and the work surface is a thermostable mesh. The design is different from old model which use the thick iron plate, making the operation more convenient and save effort.


Equipment Name Brand Model Work table(cm) Voltage(V) Power Temp(℃) Speed/hour (cm/h) Pressure of work(KG/CM2) packing size(kg)
Double-station Hydraulic  pressure heat transfer press machine SUBLICOOL XYT-05 60*80 220/380 6 0-399 0-999 0-8 133*73*156cm
80*100 220/380 9 164*119*139cm
100*120 110/220/380 12 225*141*135cm
100*160 110/220/380 15 217*113*153cm
120*150 110/220/380 16.5 200*132*160cm

Machine Details

The workbench is used to take a pull-out double stations cycle design, it is convenient and save effort with a beautiful appearance.

Front Loading Table: 

▪  Pneumatic system activates with the press of a button and automatically releases at the end of the digital timing cycle


Digital Temperature Control: 

▪  Allows you to preset and adjust temperature providing even heat across the entire surface.  Features an elevated aluminum upper platen element is wrapped with Teflon sheet to prevent possible scorching of transfers.

User Friendly Control Panel: 

▪  Two Digital LED control panels allow for: setting of temperature and time. Upper heating platen will be released automatically when the transfer is complete. Pressure can be adjusted between 0-8kg/ cm² according to the thickness of material.



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1.Connect the power supply,close the main switch of the circuit breaker,and the indicator light is on.

2.Turn on the power switch.

3.Adjust the set temperature of the digital thermostat,when the temperature reaches the set temperature,the OUT1 light will go out and then it will automatically flash to start working.

4.Set the time controller to the required time.

5.When the temperature reaches the set value,the transfer switch is set to manual and the workbench is pushed to a certain position, press the start switch.Then the cylinder will start to work, and it will return to the position after the set time.

6.When the transfer switch is set to automatic,push the worktable to the fixed point position then the upper pressing plate will automatically press downwards and return to the position after the set time(note: the machine will not work when the worktable is not at The fixed point position)

7.The red round button is the“emergency stop”button.When this button is pressed,the machine will not work.The heating plate rises immediately.When you need to re-work,turn the red round button clockwise and the button will automatically bounce to restart work.

WHAT YOU CAN PRINT WITH Double-station Hydraulic Pressure Heat Press Machine!

Large format heat press designed for imprinting a wide range of materials. Transfer onto an array of flat surface materials such as fabric, sportswear, panels, floor mats, carpets, banners, metal, ceramic, wood , glass, etc.





Yoga Suit

Yoga Suit

Hanging Painting

Hanging Painting












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