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Notes on purchasing DTF printer

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For those who enter the field of DTF printing for the first time, they often don’t know where to start. At the beginning, choosing a high quality DTF printer is the most important. Therefore, this article will introduce you to pay attention to when choosing a DTF printer matters.

1. Public praise;

For customers who come into contact with DTF printers for the first time, it is difficult to find out the strength of the manufacturer. Such as technology, quality, after-sales and other aspects. This is indeed difficult, that is, people in the industry may not be able to figure it out, let alone an outsider. Then, we can check the information on the Internet to understand the strength of this company. For a DTF printer manufacturer that has been developing for some years, it is relatively easy to check its reputation. For example, whether there is any negative news, but it also depends on whether it releases excessive self-promotional information. Generally speaking, the strength of DTF printer manufacturers that can survive for several years in this highly competitive environment should not be bad.

2. Cost performance;

Don't pursue the printing speed of the DTF printer too much, just meet your own needs. Don't pursue the cost too much, DTF printers with too low price will definitely cut corners. You get what you pay for, and a DTF printer with reasonable price and speed that meets the production needs will do.

3. After-sales service;

Buying a DTF printer is just the beginning, no matter how stable the machine is, there will be failures. Just like human beings, it is impossible not to get sick. If there is a problem, you need after-sales. The professionalism and response speed of the after-sales team determine how long your DTF printer will go on strike. Therefore, it is still necessary to find a reliable DTF printing manufacturer after sales of.

4. Printing consumables;

Do not choose expensive, only choose the right one. Too expensive DTF ink will bring high printing costs. DTF ink that is too cheap may have problems in color, fluency, color fastness and other aspects. So it is very important to choose DTF ink. Similarly, when choosing PET film and DTF powder, you should also be cautious and choose good quality.

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